Active directory auditor & Active directory monitoring tool

Active Directory changes daily, yet most IT organizations are unaware of the changes until something breaks. This leads to downtime, loss of productivity, and higher cost. Becoming proactive and more aware is part of the overall IT optimization strategy. The Active Directory Auditor(Change Notifier) is an invaluable resource when IT organizations are developing a proactive approach to managing their infrastructure.

This application proactively tracks and reports on any changes that occur within your domains. Simply install this product, configure it, and you’ll get notified in real time of any modifications to your Directory Services. You’ll know right away the object, type, date/time, details of what changed, and most importantly, who made the changes. All changes are recorded and stored in a log file. This file can be archived and will help you navigate the security and compliance audits.

Companies take a lot of precautions against unauthorized access to the AD infrastructure. However, preventive and protective measures are not always enough to find the cause of a break-in if it does occur. For that purpose, infrastructure and security configuration should be constantly audited, enabling you to investigate problems and minimize the effects of adverse changes.

In IT, change is normal. However, these changes should not go unwatched. The consequences of adverse or malicious changes can be very expensive for any business to correct. Real time notifications are key- they will save many hours of troubleshooting and the expense of having your business processes disrupted.

In any company, changes vary by consequences and disruptions they cause. The deletion of a legitimate group in use is a more serious issue than the modification of that group's description. Even more serious is the addition of unauthorized user accounts to the Domain Admins group. The response time for such changes needs to be as short as possible.

Active Directory Change Notifier

Unmanaged changes are a problem in every company. They are THE primary cause of outages. If they are not prevented, the company will fail a security audit. However, even planned changes should be monitored by Active directory monitoring tool to ensure that policies are being followed.

The Active Directory Change Notifier will raise the operational efficiency of your IT organization. Reactive reporting is good for audits and change management- proactive reporting is essential for the well-being of your infrastructure. This application offers real time help so you can detect, troubleshoot and quickly resolve Active Directory issues by outlining what has changed, when, where and who made these changes. Background noise is eliminated and you'll see only the filtered information you care about. You’ll have the detailed knowledge to make critical decisions and eliminate a lot of guessing, downtime and headaches- not just for yourself but for the rest of the IT organization as well.

Active Directory Change Notifier is a flexible, scalable, easy to use application that will help you with your day-to-day activities. This application is part of our Active Directory solutions that are designed to simplify your IT environment and enable you to work better, faster, and more efficiently.

System Requirements :

  • Intel Processor, AMD, or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008+
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or Higher

Active Directory Change Notifier at-a-glance

  • Monitor AD Administrative Activities
  • Detects Who Changed What and When
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Enterprise-class Scalability
  • Changes logged for analysis and archiving
  • Regulatory Compliance