CionSystems Inc. makes management and troubleshooting of Microsoft Windows systems simple and trouble-free..

CionSystems was started by veteran Microsoft software architects and other industry experts in 2007, with years of building, releasing to market, implementing and deploying proven IT products and solutions. The IT world is advancing at breakneck speed with new developments coming out from Microsoft and other major vendors. This progress is proliferating new technologies like cloud, mobility, social media, big data, new tools and devices are increasing security exposure and risks. The typical IT environment has become too complicated, and administrators are struggling to keep up with changing landscape, complexity and security exposures. CionSystems has created an array of turnkey identity, access and authentication solutions for the IT environment that supports Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory (AD) and other non-Microsoft LDAP/Directory, OpenLDAP, Linux, Google, Salesforce, IaaS clouds, and SaaS application. The solutions delivers easy to use systems management application suite with a focus on automated provisioning and de-provisioning, access control, multifactor authentication for application and server logins, attestation, workflows, delegation, simplified management, disaster recovery, group policy management, web application identity APIs, password management, security, monitoring, reporting, management, analysis, diagnostics and auditing. CionSystems solutions allow businesses to effectively, efficiently and economically manage security for their enterprise and public or private cloud systems, applications, and data. We provide alternative to Microsoft and other Vendors limited set of use cases and pricing for their cloud models by delivering the flexibility customers want with an ability to leverage multiple clouds offering at an affordable price. Furthermore, our solutions simplify complex tasks and do not require customers to abandon their existing architecture and investment.

Zubair Ansari - CTO and Founder

Zubair Ansari founded CionSystems in the year 2007 and is responsible for setting the technical direction of the company. Prior to founding the company, Zubair spent over 17 years in software development and management and has released many very successful operating systems and solutions. He has expertise in Identity, Access control, Authentication, Federation, Claims based access and authentication, networking, networking protocols, internet services, security, security protocols, high availability, highly scalable solutions, file and printer sharing, operating systems, variety of clouds and storage technologies. Zubair played a substantial part in helping Microsoft grow their High-Availability solutions, and was instrumental in enhancing and adding resolutions to key scenarios. His last assignment at Microsoft was building software for beginner users in emerging markets. Zubair earned a Bachelor of Computer Science from the Universityof Idaho.

Reza Yasseri - Advisor

Reza is the founder and president of Cascade Engineering Services. He has 20 years of engineering and management experience in the high-tech industries. Reza was the software lead for the Hathaway SCADA system. At AlliedSignal, he was the project engineer for the critical computer sub-system of the Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), responsible for the development, test, integration and certification. Reza managed the system test and integration of the AT&T in-flight-phone system. In addition, he was also an independent FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER). Reza holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics.

John Haggard - Advisor

John is a pioneer in the design, development, and delivery of advanced state-of-the-art information security products for 65% of international corporate, government, and educational institutions for over 25 years. He has extensive experience ranging from large mainframe enterprise systems to large Internet distributed systems. He was a member of an elite team that developed and deployed the world's first extended user authentication infrastructure for authentication beyond passwords in the mid 1980's. John served as the ACF2 Development Manager for SKK. Inc., then as Product Owner of the Security, Control, and Audit division of CA (NYSE: CA) until 1994. Since then John, has led startup companies deploying biometrics and one time passwords servicing international financial institutions. John served as President, COO, and CTO of VASCO Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), bringing that company into the market in 1994. Since 2000, he has served on the board of directors for numerous intellectual property companies in the field of advanced smart card technologies related to authentication and security. John has a BS in Computer Science, from Northern Illinois University.