Active Directory Reporter

Comprehensive, easy to use and cost-effective Active Directory reporting Tool
With over 200 out-of-the-box reports

Reporting on Windows Active Directory (AD) gives IT administrators the essential information needed to perform their jobs successfully. Active Directory Reporter is a simple, easy to use, centralized and cost-effective Active Directory reporting Tool. This application quickly extracts vital data from Microsoft Windows Server 2000+ infrastructure and displays it in an easy to understand format. You can easily generate advanced or general reports on Users, Objects, Contacts, Domains, OUs, Groups, GPO, Computers, Exchange, File, Printers and other objects.

Active Directory Reporter has an extensive list of Active Directory Reports with over 200 out-of-the-box reports on the AD infrastructure resources. The web-based interface enables users with no scripting or command-line knowledge to generate reports on AD in accordance to the specific needs of the organization. The Dashboard view helps you and other IT staff to quickly view the AD object status.  Adherence to various external and internal policies can be monitored by periodically generating and analyzing the policy related reports. The scheduled reports and notifications (such as password expiration and email inbox size limit) can be sent to a one or more email addresses as needed.

Succeed with CionSystems

  • Over 200 reports for immediate deployment and reporting
  • Lower the cost of your regulatory compliance to SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.
  • Increase visibility into all aspects of Active Directory
  • Seamless installation between all Windows Server editions

System Requirements :

Intel Processor, AMD, or equivalent, Microsoft Windows Server 2008+, IIS 7.X (X abbreviates for Version), Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, ASP 4.0, SQL Server Express 2005 (or higher), Exchange Administrative tools, GPMC, Compatible Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0 (or higher), Chrome, Firefox


  • Lower cost of operation
  • Single point of access for all reporting needs
  • Full reporting and auditing
  • Enforce policies and prove compliance
  • Helps with migration efforts
  • Easy install and ramp-up
  • Easy and efficient audit monitoring


  • Browser-based UI, customized by role
  • 200+ ready-to-use reports, customizable
  • AD notifications – inbox size, password expiry, etc
  • Powerful Search abilities
  • Emailed Active Directory reports
  • Print/export reports
  • No coding or command line scripting needed

Control Resource Utilization and Capital Spending

With Active Directory Reporter you can track system information in order to plan changes, assess needs and improve budgeting.  IT administrators can collect the most current data available or take advantage of scheduling capabilities to minimize the impact on users and network resources.

Improve Migration and Planning

With comprehensive Active Directory reporting on all groups, domains, computers, users, and more, this application allows you to design Active Directory in a way that meets the specific needs of your organization. This produces a more relevant environment and simplifies migration projects.

Compliance Views

Quickly drill down into general or very specific compliant and non-compliant categories/areas with the Dashboard view. Advanced customization capabilities for the reports can granularly display compliance results. Active Directory Reports generated with this application facilitate a periodic review of the entire AD inventory of objects in compliance with the requirements during audits (SOX Compliance, PCI, etc). Reports on Security Groups, File/Folder permissions, recently modified Users, Computers, GPOs, OUs, OS based reports, Nested Reports, Log-on based reports and more, can be auto generated using this application. The reports that are critical to Compliance Audits are easily obtained using the Active Directory Reporter.

Data Analysis and Presentation

Only Active Directory Reporting Tool provides more than 200 unique, predefined, editable reports that you can output to multiple formats including Excel, Word, CSV, HTML, LDIF or view in real-time via the Dashboard portal. The application also empowers you to create customized reports with the flexibility to include additional attributes and leverage advanced filtering. Active Directory Reporting Tool promotes efficient, effective reporting that reflects the unique informational needs of your organization.

Informed Decision Making

You can quickly drill down into general or specific compliant and non-compliant categories/areas with the Dashboard view. Advanced customization capabilities for the reports will granularly display compliance results.

Reports at-a-glance

With Active Directory Reporting Tool easy to understand user interface and accurate reports, you can lower the cost of troubleshooting and managing objects such as:

  • Users
  • Contacts
  • Computers
  • Domains
  • Organizational Units (OU)
  • Groups
  • GPOs
  • Exchange Server
  • Terminal Server
  • Printers
  • File shares
  • Replication
  • Schema and Sites
  • Policy, Trust and or any LDAP attributes

Out of the box reports

  • Active Directory User Reports
  • Active Directory Logon Reports
  • Active Directory Password Reports
  • Active Directory Computer Reports
  • Active Directory Site Reports
  • Active Directory Replication Reports
  • Active Directory OU Reports
  • Active Directory Group Reports
  • Active Directory Security Reports
  • Active Directory Exchange Reports
  • Active Directory GPO Reports
  • Active Directory File and Printer Reports
  • Active Directory Policy Reports
  • Active Directory Terminal Server Reports
  • Active Directory Schema Reports
  • Active Directory Trust Reports