Role Delegation

Active Directory Manager Pro supports role based access to Active Directory and the application there by allowing administrators to securely delegate common task while retaining the approval process. A delegated user is only able to perform and work within the role and they will not have access to other functions of the application.

Administrator can centrally manage and consolidate permissions into Security Roles as per the organization requirements and then associated users in accordance with their role in the organization to the role. The next step in the process to define "Screen Privileges".

Screen Privileges for Roles

After creating the roles you must specify and select the permissions for the role. You do this by selecting the permissions and the application will limit the associated users to these permissions only.

For example, to grant permissions to HelpDesk, you simply need to assign this role to the AD users.

Domain Privileges for the Role

Active Directory Manager Pro is a web based application and supports multiple domains. From a single place administrators can manage many domains easily and securely. You can restrict access of the users to specific domain by granting permissions only to the desired domain. This will ensure that the helpdesk users are restricted to the authorize domain and authorize permissions.

Role Deletion

Administrator can delete a unused role. Note: when you delete a role, then all the associated user permissions for the Active Directory Manager Pro will also be deleted.