Enterprise Security and Policy Manager


A simple, flexible, and scalable system ensuring that users get the correct access to file shares, SharePoint, and claims aware applications
Without the overhead of creating and provisioning groups

Enterprise Security and Policy Manager is a must-have for IT organizations seeking to simplify access management. The easy to use interface, powerful and flexible access policies and audit capabilities streamlines managing permission. Leveraging claims based access control, Enterprise Security and Policy Manager allows data owners to control who has what rights and greatly reduces provisioning and de-provisioning overhead. It eliminates bloat in the number of groups and group members, and provides real time, dynamic access control.

Use Claims, which are based on trusted user attributes, and file metadata to ensure right people have right access to right information:

System Requirements :

  • Intel Processor, AMD, or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008+
  • IIS 7.X (X abbreviates for Version)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, ASP 4.0

Claims based access allows expression-based access policies based on the classification of files, metadata, user and device attributes, file types and documents. SharePoint 2010 (and later) and Windows server 2012 file shares , claims based Dynamic Access Control (DAC) eliminates the need to manually define access rights for individual documents and content types. DAC enables applying a rules-based engine to automate permission management and access control.

You can now easily authorize users based on their Facebook, salesforce, Google, Windows Live, or other cloud based identity. This, real time, solution eliminates provisioning delays, entitlement creep, and unauthorized access due to de-provisioning latency.

CionSystem’s Enterprise Security and Policy Manager include the components needed to harness Claims Based Access Control in Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SharePoint. Enterprise Security and Policy Manager ensures that the right people have the right access to the right information. Using dynamic claims, as opposed to relying on group membership, means that access is adjusted in real time. Enterprise Security and Policy Manager supports defining policies via intuitive interfaces. A comprehensive audit trail, tracking permission changes, is also generated. Creating policies replaces provisioning and de-provisioning groups to manage access permissions. Define the policy once, instead of maintaining groups forever.

Key Features Benefits
Claims Based Access

Access control based on trusted user and managed devices attributes (claims) such as email address, security clearance, or department, title, location, manage vs unmanaged devices etc., These claims / attributes are from the Active Directory, SQL list, or any other Trusted Identity Provider, including OpenLDAP, Active Directory Federation Services or other federation authentication solutions.

Expression Based Access Policies

Powerful, easy and flexible expression-based access policies based on the classification of files, file types, documents, file and document meta data and trusted user attributes.

Dynamic Access Policies and Control

Goes beyond basic permission management via ACL’s and security groups. Makes Dynamic groups simple and on demand and allows for expression based dynamic access groups. Simplifies granting and denying access to individuals Even though the security group may itself have access.

De-provisioning Access

Automatic and instantaneous when a user’s status changes, such as employee role change, location change, department change, resignations or terminations.

Security for All SharePoint and Fileshare Views

Policies are enforced for any method of access of files and SharePoint documents as the policy is based on claims and meta data.

Centralized Administration

Provides powerful central administration options for both SharePoint and Fileshares.

Compliance and Governance

Audit trail and easy reports for who, what, when and why