Office 365 active directory

CionSystems’ office 365 Active Directory /azure enterprise self-service and cloud identity management simplifies and speeds up on boarding, migration, compliance reporting and management for cloud and hybrid environments.

CionSystems’ cloud based Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, CIMT, is a centralized on premise enterprise to Microsoft OFFICE 365 cloud identity integration, access, data migration and archiving for one drive and management solution. It automates user de-provisioning, provisioning, collects auditing data for compliances from AD| Openldap to office 365 Active Directory. Additionally, the enterprise self-service option for group management, profile management, white pages, password resets, account unlock for both premise and OFFICE 365 cloud. Keep the passwords in sync between on premise domain to office 365 Active Directory cloud and other targets. It also provides option to reset passwords from windows login.

Office 365 - Azure Management Simplified

Get multifactor-authentication(2fa authentication) for windows login and web applications that supports the following unique scenarios ( Try Now at )

  • Don’t need to purchase specialize hardware (you can use regular USB Disk)
  • Supports workgroup, domain and liveID based systems
  • Supported factors are regular USB, challenge questions, sms over email, sms over mobile