Robo Request

Robo Request allows automated scheduled (policy based) user modification, computer modification, group modification and contacts modification. Robo Request as per the schedule and on the schedule date, will trigger the set policy and move the action for the object to the workflow queue, from here it is filtered and committed for changes to take effect.

Robo Requester is used for automating time consuming and mundane tasks for instance it can be used to perform clean up of the Active Directory. Robo request is created based on the request category. For example, administrator can delete all the disabled users at a time by selecting the disabled users request action and setting time from when, all the disabled users should be deleted.

Robo Request supports the following categories of actions on objects.

User Modification: User modification includes enable users, disable users, delete users, move users, unlock users, and reset password request actions.

Group Modification: Group modifications includes delete group and move group request actions

Computer Modification: Computer modification includes enable computers, disable computers, move computers, delete computers request actions.

Contact Modification: Contact Modification includes delete contact request. The contact is deleted on the selected date and time.

Based on the request category, and the selection criteria Robo request service performs the requested action.

Users can also set Schedule Frequency (daily, weekly and monthly). For example in User Modification, to change the status of the users from disable to enable every week, set the schedule frequency as weekly and set the desired start time. Every week at the desired time, all the disable users will be enabled.

The Robo request are supported for entire domain or for the selected OUs.

Delete Roborequest

Active Directory Manager Pro provides the facility to delete the requests.