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CionSystems Announces the Release of its Active Directory Backup and Recovery Solution

Redmond, WA., March 8, 2010 - CionSystems Inc. (www.CionSystems.com) has announced the release of CionSystems Active Directory Recovery, a web based, easy-to-use and affordable solution that offers quick, granular restoration of individual objects and attributes, as well as multiple domain recovery.

Using native tools alone can potentially take hours to restore objects or Group Policies, and if the corruption extends to the whole domain it is very difficult to recover without disrupting the business. Active Directory Recovery offers automated recovery of an entire domain to a point in time before the change occurred. IT Administrators can eliminate downtime by automating tasks and choosing from flexible recovery options to prevent loss of productivity when a disaster strikes.

With Active Directory Recovery, CionSystems has taken a practical approach and provides a quick and simple recovery path:

• Restores entire domains or individual objects down to individual attributes according to Microsoft's best practices to maintain IT efficiency

• Undo unintentional changes or undelete deleted objects to original state.

• Fast, online, granular recovery of AD, System State and Group Policy data from easy to use web interface for the most uptime.

• Schedule automated full backups for off-peak hours ensuring the best performance

• No system restart required provides AD recovery with the least disruptions

"We set out to build an easy-to-use and affordable Active Directory disaster recovery solution, and this release greatly appeals to IT professionals responsible for ensuring system availability for users depending on uninterrupted network access and security" said Zubair Ansari, CTO of CionSystems.

"Active Directory is a critical platform widely used by many thousands of organizations,” said John G. Chirapurath, senior director in the Identity and Security Business Group at Microsoft. “Because so many companies rely on Active Directory, it is important to ensure that its backup and recovery are efficient and scalable. CionSystems understands that quick and accurate recovery is an important component to ensuring identity and access management for optimal employee productivity."

CionSystems Active Directory solutions insure the health, security and stability of Active Directory, helping customers easily restore their directory services. These solutions fit comfortably into the existing Windows Server environment, and significantly reduce IT support costs and downtime.

Pricing and Availability
The Active Directory Restore is available today for organizations with Windows Server environments. For more information on this application including pricing and technical documentation please visit www.cionsystems.com or call us at 425.605.5325.

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