Active Directory Management

Manage your AD seamlessly with our web based Solution

With ADMPRO you can Manage Skype for Business, Exchange and Active Directory Users in a single console.

In any Organization, Skype for Business and Exchange works in sync with the Active Directory. It is hard for Administrator to manage them together in a single console. Administrator has to switch between different consoles (Skype for Business console, Exchange Management Console, Microsoft Active Directory Management tool) to accomplish these tasks.

CionSystems ADMPRO makes it simply by allowing administrators to manage all objects and application from single web console. Administrator can create variety of templates to easy manage all objects and applications. Administrators can also delegate tasks to others via our role-based access control. Organization can greatly reduce high privilege accounts using the delegation thereby enhancing security. ADMPRO further enhances security with approval-based workflow for user, group and group membership management.

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System Requirement : Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 | Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5,4.0,4.5 | SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 or higher IIS 7.X or higher | Compatible Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari | Exchange Administrative tools & GPMC(optional)

Create Users with Predefined Templates

Create your active directory users with predefined templates. A user creation requires many fields to be filled that can be a daunting task. Just active directory user object has several hundred attributes. When you combine this with email, terminal server, skype for business, group membership then it can be a complicated task that involves setting up many of these settings from several different tools. ADMPRO templates administrator can setup many different types of templates that can prefill all user, email, terminal server, contacts, skype for business, group memberships, unix attributes and many based on policy. Users are created by selecting the predefined templates. Templates play an important role in enhancing security and maintaining permissions for different levels of users. Organization can standardize one naming format for different fields for example employee titles. By selecting a template, all the properties of the template will be applied to the user that is created.

Centralize single web interface for AD, Lync and Exchange Management

With CionSystems Centralize single point Web Interface Active Directory, Exchange and Skype for business (Lync) tasks are combined into a single console. It provides a simple and elegant management experience, eliminating the need for users to learn multiple tools and switch between them in day-to-day activities.

Role-Based Delegation

CionSystems ADMPRO allows administrators to delegate tasks in AD using ADMPRO Role Based Access Control without giving the users administrative or high level privileges. Administrative don't have to give any high privilege access to helpdesk or other users to manage AD objects thereby eliminating many high privileged accounts. ADMPRO provides role based access to Active Directory there by allowing administrators to securely delegate common task while retaining the approval process. Additionally, ADMPRO keeps an audit log of all changes by who, when with before and after values. In many situations administrator can undo user or group deletions.

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Provisioning (On-boarding, Access Management, Off-boarding)

CionSystems User Provisioning System creates, modifies, disables and deletes user accounts and their access across IT infrastructure and business applications based on policy. Provisioning system use pre-defined templates, business rules and policies to automate on boarding, changes and de-boarding and for administration workforce processes such as, new hires, transfers, promotions and terminations. Typically the system runs on a nightly schedule basis, accepts feeds from HR systems, School systems or other systems and ensures that data is transferred and provisioned to the destination IT system and directories. Our provisioning solution have simplified this process by allowing organization to simply create templates and define business rules, system applies rules/policies to the feed and transforms it applies the changes to downstream IT systems.

Workflow- Approval-Based

CionSystems ADMPRO lets you add approval steps to practically user and group management in your Active Directory environment. Such approach allows delegating more responsibilities to lower level staff without losing control and adding any security risks.

A workflow is a sequence of inter connected steps that carry out a process based task. A typical workflow contains four stages. Requester -->Reviewer -->Approver --> Executor

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Active Directory, Exchange, Security & System Inventory Reports

CionSystems ADMPRO provides detailed reports on your Active Directory environment. It supports centralized scheduling and also allows users to schedule the reports of their choice for themselves.


ADMPRO provides attestation service for user and group objects. Notifications are sent to owners to attest their reports and group memberships. It is very simple to create and configure the attestation schedule and notifications text templates that are sent to managers and group owners for attestation. ADMPRO provides a complete workflow for attestation

Temporary User and Group management

Automates adding or removing users or groups that only need to exist for a specific time period. Makes it possible to add or remove members from groups on a scheduled basis, ensuring that particular users and groups are deleted thus improving security by reducing orphaned accounts and groups.

Group policy object management

Group Policy is a set of rules that control the working environment of user accounts and computer accounts. Group Policy provides the centralized management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and users' settings in an Active Directory environment. For a complete GPO management system see "Know More.."

Auto Clean-up and Maintenance

Auto Clean-up and Maintenance (Robo Request) allows automated scheduled (policy based) user modification, computer modification, group modification and contacts modification. ADMPRO Robo Request as per the schedule and on the schedule date will trigger the set policy and take the action for the objects to the workflow queue or by-pass and apply directly to AD, from workflow it is filtered and the executor can review and commit changes to AD to take into effect.

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OU Delegation

The ability to establish access to individual organizational units is an important security feature in Active Directory Manager Pro. OU Delegation templates are a powerful feature of Active Directory Manager Pro. Users can create the templates by defining the permissions and objects. Users can delegate control of all existing or new objects in an organizational unit, and delegate administrative control of such objects in an OU.

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ACL Management & Templates

ACL (Access Control List) Management is the backbone of the active directory structure. An ACL is applied to every object in the directory, and it controls the security of that object. Administrators can use access control to manage user access to shared resources by setting different levels of access, or permissions, to objects, such as Full Control, Write, Read, or No Access and many other ACL's. By default, permissions on objects in Active Directory are set to the most secure setting. The elements that define access control permissions on Active Directory objects include security descriptors, object inheritance, and user authentication.


AD Administrators struggle to keep up with requests to create, change or remove user access to various network resources. With the advent of compliance regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), PCI, Hipaa and others, and the intense scrutiny they place on access to business-sensitive applications, companies can no longer rely on numerous manual provisioning processes to maintain compliance.

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Site, Schema, Replication

Using ADMPRO web-based interface, IT administrators can easily manage the Site, Schema, Replication.

Active Directory replication ensures that the information or data between domain controllers remains updated and consistent.Active Directory replication ensures that Active Directory information hosted by domain controllers is synchronized between every domain controller.