Active Directory Recovery Manager

Quickly and Accurately Backup and Recover Your Active Directory objects

CionSystems delivers a simple and cost effective Active directory backup and restore solution to protect the most important part of enterprise infrastructure from any disaster.

Active Directory (AD) is one of the most critical systems in your Windows infrastructure. It manages essential information and all enterprise level applications and security depend on its health therefore its availability and security must be assured. Human error, malicious actions, and technology failures can easily corrupt your directory, system configurations or Group Policy data. To sustain efficient business operations, you must securely back up your AD and be ready to recover the information 24/7 because any unplanned system downtime means lost productivity.

System Requirement : Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 domain controller| Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5,4.0,4.5 | SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 or higher IIS 7.X or higher | Compatible Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Backup and Restore Quickly and Accurately

CionSystems' Active Directory Recovery empowers you to recover from inadvertent deletions or changes to your AD data in seconds, not hours. With its remote, online, granular restore capability, you can recover entire sections of the directory, selected objects and individual attributes.

Granular or Full Recovery of Active Directory

CionSystems enables you to:

  • Choose between online Granular Recovery or Full Domain Restore - Active directory backup and restore
  • Restore any object including Group Policies in AD, allowing you to recover a deleted user account with all of its group memberships, attributes and password policies without restarting system
  • Granular restore, including object attributes
  • Extensible search capability (deleted item, date, etc)
  • Easily compare backup snapshots for changes
  • Restores individual attributes even when the object itself has not been deleted
  • Speeds time to resolution by consolidating backups
  • Eliminates downtime and impact on users who are logged on to the network
  • Complete Active directory backup and restore at the object and attribute level, the directory level across the forest
  • Simplifies and speeds recovery of an entire domain or forest

Greatly reduces downtime and loss of productivity resulting from AD disasters

Take AD Recovery beyond the native tools

In many instances recovery must be done on a granular level - restoring only specific data. The native tools alone will not provide this level of recovery. With this application CionSystems helps restore your AD at the object level with the attributes intact.

Why restore an entire Domain instead of a Granular Recovery?

Disasters can occur at any time, such as unwanted schema extension or irreversible failures in your AD. Any disaster can result in lengthy unplanned downtime causing business critical applications (Exchange, ERP, financial systems, etc) to be unavailable. These disruptions affect your organizations bottom line through lost productivity and potential security and compliance violations. If the damage to your AD is extensive, restoring your entire Domain is the fastest alternative.

Implementing the right tool for comprehensive deletion protection is critical to turning major problems into minor restores. CionSystems offers an easy-to-use, fast, online Active directory backup and restore solution. Accurate backups and recovering quickly after an outage enables you to reduce the time and costs associated with AD disasters and minimize or eliminate the impact on users throughout your enterprise.

Active directory backup and restore automates the domain backup and recovery process enabling you to restore your AD to a point-in-time before the directory corruption occurred

Schedule Active directory backup

You can schedule the Full Active directory backups or Incremental AD backups based on the frequency selected.

Configure your backup source

You can configure the backup location source on your share drive folder.

active directory backup download settings

Server backup history

active directory server backup history

On Demand Backup

active directory on demand backup