Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD Management

A data migration and archiving solution to Manage your cloud office365 / AD Azure objects with on premises directory.

Azure Active Directory Services - Cloud Identity Management Tool (Management of AD Azure and Ofice 365 Objects). Its a cloud based Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, It is a centralized on premise enterprise to Microsoft Office 365 | Azure AD cloud identity integration, access management solution. It automates user provisioning, de-provisioning, collects auditing data for compliances. It enables migration to the Microsoft cloud in stages via all or a subset of user/group migration from on-premise directory(Active Directory , Openldap) to the Microsoft cloud. Leverage powerful secure self service option for password resets, account unlock for both premise and | office 365 | Azure Active Directory Services. Keep the passwords in sync between on premise domain to | office 365 | Azure AD cloud.

System Requirement :
Intel Processor, AMD, or equivalent
Microsoft Windows Server 2003+/2008/2012/2016/2019 and above, Windows 7 and above with IIS, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or Higher, SQL Server 2008 or higher

Cloud and Identity Management for Azure and Office 365 - Azure Active Directory Services

azure ad management

  • Automate the Microsoft /Office 365 | Azure AD user provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Ties into on –premise directory. Any on premise changes are automatically synchronized
  • Bi-directional and it will sync up on a regular schedule or on demand in order to capture any changes either on the active directory or in the cloud
  • March to cloud via phased approach deployment / migration
  • Provides compliance reports
  • Tracks all changes
  • Provides a history of all modifications
  • Either on the local network or done in the cloud via the tool
  • Supports email migration for on premise exchange, hosted exchange, POP3 & IMAP CionSystems centralized management for common action from on premise tool (no need to login to portal for common day to day to functions)
  • Functions performed from this application are tracked as audit log
  • CionSystems tool provides administrator Password reset, email management, reporting.

Easily manage your Office 365 licenses and SKU
Automate archiving of one drive data locally upon office 365 account removal.

Manage your Azure AD and Office 365 Objects

azure ad management

In the current tough economic conditions capital and operations expenditures are under major financial scrutiny. The elasticity and flexibility of Cloud based IT can help mitigate budget pressures. Additionally, not managing sensitive company identity correctly and systematically will expose the companies to major risks with security, data loss and unauthorized hacker access.

  • User and group Management
  • Data Migration for onedrive
  • Data archiving for one drive
  • Dir sync of LDAP to Azure/AD office 365
  • Policies
  • Audit/error reportings
  • Reports
  • License management

Simplify migration of data to One drive.

azure ad management

There are many challenges which enterprises face for managing identity within the borders of their organization. Following are some of the key challenges: Enterprise Single Sign-On

  • User/group account management and self-service
  • Ease of deploying Identity-enabled applications and web services
  • Enterprise compliance requirements

While the above challenges may look insignificant for small, single site organizations, costs and complexities rapidly spiral out of control with growth. User accounts must be managed to ensure that changes in employee status are quickly replicated to the application user directories. Failure to do so can result in unauthorized application access, data loss and violation of compliance requirements.
When Internet applications are first deployed in an organization, account management is often performed manually or as a one-time data load for initial account creation. As the adoption rate of Internet applications increases, identity management becomes infinitely more complex and error prone.

Directory sync from openLDAP to azure AD,migration. one drive data migration and archiving,license management, user and group management,compliance reports

Management of Office 365 Licenses

azure ad management

With ‘Cloud’ adoption rapidly increasing, the enterprise’s challenges are increasing exponentially and IT teams are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of Identity and access issues. When cloud adoption is not managed well, Identity challenges are greatly exacerbated. IT is tasked with managing these challenges for in-house as well as cloud based applications. Effective and well managed IAM allows IT to leverage cost reducing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions such as Google apps,, Microsoft OFFICE365, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Services, Microsoft online Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, EC2 etc.

Management of One Drive

azure ad management

Management of Sharepoint sites

azure ad management

Audit Reports

azure ad management

Reconciliation of Office 365 Users

azure ad management

Protect the most important asset of the enterprise

  • Self service for password reset and password synchronization service: Distribute password reset to user community securely for on premise and cloud VIA Enterprise Self-Service
  • Significant reduction in help desk load and associated costs: Fewer user authentication issues mean fewer calls to help desk for lost or forgotten passwords.
  • Reduction in overhead through automation: Our solution automatically creates updates and removes user accounts as needed, and streamlines the tedious task of Internet user account management.
  • Increased productivity: Enabling rapid issue resolution reduces wasted times waiting for IT and therefore increases employee productivity.
  • Strengthened security: Automating user account deactivation removes unused access and prevents identity exposure for hackers.
  • Increased compliance audit pass rates: Provide a centralized, auditable point of Internet application access. Compliance audit pass rates improve.
  • Reports: Provide a variety of (scheduled and or on demand) reports.
  • Migration in phases: Migrate a subset of users to the cloud.
  • Email Migration: Migrate on premise exchange mailboxes, hosted exchange mail boxes, and or migrate non-Microsoft email boxes via pop3 or Imap to the cloud.

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