Azure active directory services

Cloud Identity Management Tool (Azure) and CionSystems´ cloud based Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, CMT, is a centralized on premise enterprise to Microsoft | Office 365 | Azure AD cloud identity integration, Azure Active Directory Services, access and management solution. It automates user de-provisioning, provisioning, collects auditing data for compliances. It enables migration to the Microsoft cloud in stages via all or a subset of user migration from on-premise to the Microsoft cloud. Leverage powerful secure self service option for password resets, account unlock for both premise and | office 365 | Azure AD cloud. Keep the passwords in sync between on premise domain to | office 365 | Azure AD cloud.

  • Self service for password reset and password synchronization service: Distribute password reset to user community securely for on premise and cloud VIA Enterprise Self-Service
  • Significant reduction in help desk load and associated costs: Fewer user authentication issues mean fewer calls to help desk for lost or forgotten passwords.
  • Reduction in overhead through automation: Our solution automatically creates updates and removes user accounts as needed, and streamlines the tedious task of Internet user account management.
  • Increased productivity: Enabling rapid issue resolution reduces wasted times waiting for IT and therefore increases employee productivity.
  • Strengthened security: Automating user account deactivation removes unused access and prevents identity exposure for hackers.
  • Increased compliance audit pass rates: Provide a centralized, auditable point of Internet application access. Compliance audit pass rates improve.
  • Reports: Provide a variety of (scheduled and or on demand) reports.
  • Migration in phases: Migrate a subset of users to the cloud.
  • Email Migration: Migrate on premise exchange mailboxes, hosted exchange mail boxes, and or migrate non-Microsoft email boxes via pop3 or Imap to the cloud.

Cloud and Identity Management Tool (Azure Active Directory Services)

  • Automate the Microsoft /Office 365 | Azure AD user provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Ties into on –premise directory. Any on premise changes are automatically synchronized
  • Bi-directional and it will sync up on a regular schedule or on demand in order to capture any changes either on the active directory or in the cloud
  • March to cloud via phased approach deployment / migration
  • Provides compliance reports
  • Tracks all changes
  • Provides a history of all modifications
  • Either on the local network or done in the cloud via the tool
  • Supports email migration for on premise exchange, hosted exchange, POP3 & IMAP CionSystems centralized management for common action from on premise tool (no need to login to portal for common day to day to functions)
  • Functions performed from this application are tracked as audit log
  • CionSystems tool provides administrator Password reset, email management, reporting.

System Requirements :

  • Intel Processor, AMD, or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003+
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or Higher

Cloud Identity Management Tool